Shakeology: Things to Do For a Longer but Healthy Life

Living longer and stronger is everyone’s dream. Is it possible to make it true? Yes, there are possibilities to lower down the aging process. You are talking about aging which is a process of regular death of cells in body. These cells could be of skin, bones, blood and others. Stopping the aging process is not simpler. Shakeology is a well known supplement having true potential to keeps users healthy and smart. Shakeology Ingredients have been identified to support body cells and tissues. Let’s see some practices to live longer and stronger.


Don’t overeat:


As a matter of fact, Japanese people have the longest lifespan in the world. Finding the reason would be more interesting. Actually, they have a routine of stop eating when they feel 20 % of stomach is empty. What is the science behind? More calories results in slower production of T-3 hormone (Thyroid Hormone). This slows down the metabolism while speeds up cell death.


Stay busy:


There are so many things you can do to stay busy. For example, you can get engaged in sex with your partner. Satisfying sex 2 to 3 times a week helps to add 3 years to life. It also controls blood pressure. You will enjoy improved sleep, boosted immunity and rhythmic heart.


Avoid using gadgets:


This includes TV, laptops, PCs and Smartphone. All these things have a negative impact on eyesight as well as on your brain. Studies have confirmed that people using these gadgets for less time have more chances to live longer than people who use gadgets all the day.

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