I Accidentally Made My Friend Pass Out With This Steam Roller

Everyone has that one night eventually when you realize there are zero papers in the entire house, or you forgot your trusty pipe at a friend’s, and it seems that despite having a bountiful stash of kush, you’re left stranded without any method to smoke it. This happened to a friend and I not too long ago so after a rigorous search for materials, it seemed the easiest solution was to create a little steam roller pipe out of a pringles can we found in the recycling bin. Just ten short minutes of simple handiwork and we were practically dying to test our little creation out after having had our plans to smoke up delayed already. This wasn’t the first time for either of us smoking out of such a device (well out of the pringles can, yes), so we eagerly began to load fat bowls and clear them like champs. After a few turns passing it back and forth we were at the level we wanted to be and decided to take a break from that. We watched some funny cartoons or played some video games or something, and then my friend asked me to pack him another bowl while he got up to get some water. Knowing that our bowl was deceptively large, I may or may not have packed it down to look a bit smaller than the gram or two I managed to stuff in there.

The friend returned and sat down then absent mindedly reached for our DIY steam roller pipe, and started to light up his bowl while watching something on the TV. I could literally see the confusion on his face at how long it was taking to clear the thing, and a slight touch of alarm as he let go of the carb and began inhaling. He instantly coughed super violently and drool even started to hang out of his mouth. The wheezing noises of him trying to capture some oxygen quickly faded out as he kind of collapsed onto the pillows next to him. All this to say, don’t be assholes to your friends by giving them fully loaded bowls, especially not when smoking out of a volatile steam roller pipe.

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